Welcome to the Fresh Leaves blog! I’m writing about life in the garden, not as the planter, but as the planted. Gardening, leaves, and trees are some of my favorite things, so it’s no wonder they would be favored illustrations in my writing. That might also explain why Psalm 1 is one of my favorite Psalms (you can find it on the sidebar near the top of the blog), because it uses garden imagery to describe something I’m passionate about: knowing and loving the Bible. The truth expressed in this Psalm has proven true again and again in my own life. When I drink regularly from God’s Word, my roots are never dry, and fresh new growth results. Every good thing I have or do has been nourished by the life-giving, life-sustaining stream of Scripture. Joy, peace, worship, motivation, and ministry spring from what I have learned of God from His Word. I have drunk deeply of the Bible, and I have always found it satisfying and true.

If you are a Christian, you have been wisely and graciously planted by the Master Gardener, next to the stream of His Word. It is God’s provision for you, a bountiful feast of nourishment and refreshment, always flowing clear and pure. He plants you in Christ, who is the Word, and gently covers your tiny new roots with fine soil, and He breathes on you, “Grow, little one, grow into a strong, straight tree. Stretch your roots toward My stream. Anchor yourself firmly, always drawing in My fresh, clear truth. Make leaves so others may rest in your shade. Bear fruit to feed hungry souls. Testify that I am rich and good and true.”

Writing what God has taught me helps clarify and organize my thoughts, sharpening the focus so it is easier to remember and communicate those times of growth. Sharing what I have learned is a testimony to the richness, goodness, and truth of God. If this blog provides a little shade or nourishes a hungry soul, I’d love to hear how God is using it. Comments are closed on the blog, so please send an email to sbramoly@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Only by grace,


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